Even when you’re slow...if you’re out in the fray giving heroic effort...credit’s due.

When I retired I was determined to do CrossFit and started training consistently…for a couple months. An injury stopped the CrossFit and lately I’ve been doing physical therapy for a shoulder thing. These things took away some of my motivation to run…but I think I’ve found it again with my wife’s help. She retired and wanted to continue working out…so we started running again. I’m not always motivated to run because the enormity of some of the boat projects loom over my head, but there’s no substitute for getting out and just doing it. I mean…who wants to get all dressed up and then decide to bag the run cause it’s hot or I’m tired?

The runs are glorious- NO timing, NO heart rate, NO GPS, NO Distance on the Fitbit, NO need to even know my distance or time but total bliss just listening to my own ragged breath as one foot tries to get ahead of the other. Best of all…there’s no out there judging me except me.

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