Ever left a Great Dane alone? Some Great Danes get separation anxiety if not properly trained...very challenging on a sailboat.

Quincy doesn’t like it when the family leaves her on the boat alone.  It’s that simple.  She endures it while we’re in the slip…sitting and waiting for the family to come home.  But her alone on our sailboat (on the dock) is constantly on my mind and we rarely leave the boat while she’s still on board.  {She’s a large liability to be running loose on any dock}  I’m sure you’ll concur with me-

Quincy does not like to be left alone…so here’s the face I get when I get home after taking up laundry or doing quick errands off the boat:

Quincy telling me how much she misses us!

Quincy the Great Dane lives on a sailboat that’s about to take off to ports unknown (in the first week of Nov).  She’s 5 years old and 130 pounds of love who eats ALOT.  With three full cups of dog chow in the morning and evening…it’s a lot.  We’re planning on taking as much dog food as we can store and then using rice and fish to supplement her diet.

Wanna help?  Check out our Patreon site where you can help with her large amount of puppy chow.

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