It's the world famous "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and we celebrate here at LF2SF! And...YES, the skeleton's naked!

Well, that favorite internationally celebrated holiday is finally upon us…Sept 19th is one of our favorite holidays.  “Talk Like A Pirate Day” brings us cool pirate outfits and gear, excuses to drink rum, wine, beer and other spirits and eat whatever we can dream up that’s anywhere close to “piraty”.  We love this holiday and encourage you to join us in celebrating it wherever you are-

Photo Credit to Michelle

Now for the rest of the week:

Inner Pirate- Photo Credit to Pexels

As for tomorrow (Friday) our engine will have been out for (4) four weeks.  With other pieces of the boat also in limbo (main sail and one of our heads [bathrooms] ) we’ve been working on keeping up spirits and slogging along as we hope to make Baja Ha-Ha.  I’d love to come on here and tell you that everything will work out as there HAS to be a plan in this whole engine ordeal…but I can’t.  At this point I’m still not sure we’re gonna make Baja Ha-Ha.  BUT….spirits are coming back we have time to finish projects and make sure we’ve been fairly detailed in our planning.  Word came today that we should have a sail done and shipped by the 2nd week of Oct and our mechanical shop says they may be able to start putting parts back on the engine by the middle of next week.  I initiated what we hope is the final fix for the toilet this morning and will start on the next dinghy cover project today and tomorrow (No…not a Zebra Stripe Pattern as has been suggested by a certain RBC).

Lastly…today is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” so please join us this afternoon with a toast and some salty piraty talk!  Arrrg

Photo Credit to Dr. Emi MD in the BVI- The LF2SF Roving Reporter

Tomorrow- Teagans Corner.  Saturday I’ll cover one of the projects I just completed and then Quincy will have her say on Sunday.  We hope you ALL join us as we continue to work toward growing our website and getting back to sailing and traveling.  And…you can support the feeding of the beast on Patreon and check out other good stuff on our Pinterest page.  


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