Typhoid?  Why would we have this sticky note up in the salon? 

The note was to remind us to give the kids their Typhoid prophylaxis (pills) as we prep for cruising.  The kids are also enduring a Rabies vaccination prophylaxis…remember I live with a nurse.  Right now, even with the engine out and waiting on sails- we’re continuing to prep to leave.  We have a three page list of unfinished projects and a “Stuff to Get List” that we’re working off.  I’ve printed that list and continually update it and cross off things we’ve knocked out, but it’s fairly extensive and will probably take us right up to the time we get ready to leave.

This week, I’m working hard on some of my Not Written Yet Blog stories and at the same time I’m finishing up the Dinghy Chaps and prepping the deck.  My daughter will have another Kids Corner this Fri,  Quincy will put up her page on Sunday and we’ll continue to roll on with our prep to cut the lines.

Please consider following this blog as we continue to work toward leaving and cruising with family.  



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