Quincy the Great Dane in afternoon position when it's cool enough-

I’ll start this post by admitting I have no idea how to weave the word of the day for today…”sensual” into a Quincy’s Corner post right now.  It’s been a very long week for both Quincy and the family as we’ve had lots of heat and humidity and the boat doesn’t have A/C at all.  But for us…the pool and a little wind help a lot.  For Miss Quincy…we’re ok with her getting some time at Camp Run-A-Mutt during these extreme heat days…especially if I’m working on the boat.

This week Quincy the Boat Dog has been seriously missing her mom.  Every afternoon she sits or lays down on the front deck, watching the docks for her Mom to walk back down to the boat.  I know she’s ok and this is a natural instinct for her, but I can imagine some of her thoughts as she tries to sort through when is mom supposed to be home.  She’s coming home soon, so we’re not worried about it.  So here’s Miss Quincy, in her favorite place on the front deck, finding a great spot to watch for her mom.   Or maybe she just found some afternoon breeze and she’s watching me work?


We love adventuring with our kids and are still planning to leave on November 4th, 2019 with the Baja Ha-Ha.  I’ve got a 3-page list I’m checking off as I complete projects…and we missed Kids Corner and our Saturday posts because I was working on two different projects (which I actually finished).  I’ll show you those projects in the next few posts cause if I can do them…so can you-


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