Quincy got to spend about a week picking back and forth through a boatyard on Shelter Island while the boat was getting it’s engine taken out and we were waiting on word from insurance…much to her satisfaction.  Although Quincy doesn’t always clearly speak to us, we’re pretty sure she didn’t mind the boatyard….aside from the wooden docks that tended to move when she stepped on them perfectly.  She did NOT like those docks, but was able to overcome that tiny little situation so that she could lay in her favorite cockpit spots and watch the Sea Lions.  No idea if the Sea Lions were ever talking to her, but she liked to sit and listen to them on the next dock over.  Lucky for us, there was only one other live-aboard at the time…and the folks on Profligate didn’t seem bothered by her.  Here she is….in her favorite cockpit spots at the boatyard in Shelter Island: 

Port Side-


Starboard Side-


Quincy the Great Dane loves the boat and can’t wait to get off the dock and go cruising….if our engine’s done in time.  Remember how much she eats and consider buying her some chow on Patreon. 

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