I’m speaking for Quincy today when I say….”Hello”.  She’s pretty mellow as it’s been a crazy long week and she’s been in several different places this week, but wanted to show you her happy place.  Because we were towed to a boatyard and have been there this past week, Quincy’s been in her favorite day-care and kennel all week.  We’re just not sure that the boatyard would like a large breed dog tramping through for walks and she might end up barking all night at the legion of mating sea-lions all around the area.  Here’s Quincy in her happy place:

Quincy loves all the folks who tune into her Sunday column and welcomes you all to keep reading, cause she says she’s going to keep on publishing every Sunday.  On my part, we’re hoping and praying our engine will be rebuilt and back into the boat by mid-October as we continue to prepare to untie our docklines and take off with the Baja Ha-Ha 2019.  Please stick with us-  If you WANT to give Quincy a bit more love, you can always click on our Patreon site and consider buying her some dog food or us a beer! 

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