Kids Corner- Adventures at Camp Grandma

Kids Corner is a collection of true stories written by a kid on a boat...for kids everywhere-

Soo…I gess I have to finish camp grandma and grandpa

So anyway, in the first camp grandma and grandpa, it ended with that awesome cliffhanger, so now im gonna answer that. WE WENT TO……………….

{pause for dramatic affect}……………this place called………………CATTAIL LAKE!!!! Yay, I know. It was actually pretty fun.  So we brought our paddle boards and I actually learned how to stand up!{all credit going to grandpa of course, for helping me do it, and because I know you will be reading this} so we spent the day at the beach, for five days, all day. Me, swimming and trying to catch at least one of the many cray fish{looks like little lobsters} that live there, with no success,{no surprise there}. Or maybe one of the little tiny fish{no luck}? After that we had dinner and smores{yum!}. after five days of camping, we decided to go home. I waved goodbye cattail lake, Arizona, as we drove away, back to California…by the way, dad wanted me to mention the awesome mineral sunscreen, Raw Elements, our first sponser. TEAGAN UP AND OUT!!!!