So close to Catalina Island....yet so far. Read this cool story through the eyes of a 9-year old.

So… I am sorry to say that today I will NOT be doing a story continuing camp grandma and grandpa, because I have an EVEN BETTER story to tell you that I know u will like!…well, maybe. It’s kinda horrible, but at the same time REALLY GOOD! I know that makes no sense. I’ll do the story continuing camp grandma and grandpa next week {maybe. What? You never know what else might happen} Right now I’m {trying} to make rosemary chicken and creamy mashed potatoes, after the mess with pealing them and nearly burning myself with boiled water.

Teagan cooking in our pass-through galley.

Anyway, on with the story!

THE STORY: so anyway, we wanted to go to Catalina {I totally suggest it; its really just a small island off California}. We decided to go with some friends. So… we were totally prepared for anything really, and we did…kinda good on the way there, except for the waves. Compared to the ones that are supposed to rock you to sleep, these ones would have probably taken those over. They weren’t big enough to be a problem for us, except for me and kellyn, who were trying to fall asleep. We knew that we would be relieved when we got there…except for that was the thing…we never got there. One mile off shore, five miles from the harbor, our engine decided it was a good time to quit{shutdown}. We just drifted kinda, trying in vain to sail a little bit, with no luck. Eventually we had to just call TowBoat US to tow us back to san diego.

Getting our Tow started, back to San Diego. We were less than 5 miles from Cat Harbor, Catalina.

So… yeah. Not exactly the fun trip we had planned. Anyway, my beautiful chicken is cooking, so TEAGAN, UP AND OUT!!!!

Teagan watching the hours pass by during our 15-hour tow back to San Diego.


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PS: Happy Eid al-Adha tomorrow-

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