As a blogger and a sailor who’s working toward earning more bluewater days, I figured it might be important to learn to post to my website via email. Why? Because there’s a possibility that my new Iridium Go might be able to give me email almost anywhere in the world while my new Wave WiFi and Cellular Router might be able to enhance WiFi and Cell Data in more populous areas, thus allowing me to keep writing and working on travel and adventure stories anywhere I go. Wish I had them on this most recent trip to Catalina, cause it was a heck of an adventure that I’ll write about either tomorrow or Saturday. For today, I’m teaching myself to post to my own WordPress site via email and I’ll learn more about how it looks and feels once I see the published edition. I’m excited this feature works, as I’ve seen other cruisers use it to post to WordPress accounts….cause we know it takes a lot of bandwidth to hit WordPress normally, perhaps posting via email will work better and allow me to post pics of some of the better places we’ve been. For today though, here’s a morning shot of Tulum 5 on the way to Catalina (while her engine still worked)-

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