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Hard to believe, but I actually know people who do things besides sailing, traveling and cruising!  An old friend of mine stars in, and is part of the team that runs the “Beyond Rubicon” website and Big Game TV Show of the same name, Beyond Rubicon.  While I’m obviously not a big game hunter or even a hunter myself, I LOVE the outdoors and used to do a lot of mountain sports, so outdoor TV is pretty cool in my book.  From a unique calling in his past life to starting his own production and guiding company focusing on free-range/fair-chase hunting to creating his own film festival, my friend is pretty motivated and creative in all he does.  No matter what your stance is on hunting….the outdoor nature of these films is second to none and I’m stoked that my friend is doing so well.  Go by his website and check it out if you choose-

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To all of our friends,

It’s hard to imagine that our New Mexico based hunting television show, Beyond Rubicon, is back on the air for the third season.  We are showcasing stories from throughout the region hunting Deer, Elk, Turkey, and Ibex which means we have lots of great things in store.  After being awarded the coveted Golden Moose for “Best Big Game Series” we knew we’d better keep it interesting.

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PS: No animals were harmed in this blog post.



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