4th of July was Fun!

This Fourth of July was special for us as we’re both about to be retired and we’re heading out of the US soon, thus we’re not sure when we’re gonna be in this country again for another 4th.  Like a match made in heaven, we were invited by the Surf-fur crew to watch the Big Bay Boom in San Diego Bay (which we had never done).  To say it was a spectacular salute to the birthday of our country is an understatement.  Just old fashioned fireworks and really cool scenery on San Diego Bay- 

I hope each of you had a great 4th of July, I know we’ve gotten a ton of boat work done this weekend and I was able to get several long term projects closed out-  Curtains (DONE), Varnish and Clearcoating (DONE).  Now I’m moving on to getting the dinghy chaps completed, getting the antenna arch and wind generator support welded on this week and getting the rest of our electronics done by end of July.  I was also informed that our new larger 8-person life-raft will be delivered two months early ($$$$$).  So I can confirm a lot will happen this month alone. 

Here’s Tulum, all dressed up for the party on 4th of July:


Tulum all dressed up, including her American, Conch Republic and Alamo Flags.

Quincy’s advice and sage wisdom will come out tomorrow and Monday we’ll discuss varnish and clear coat in more detail. showing you differences in work levels and why it’s taken me so long to get to being done. 

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