Kids Corner for this Friday, written by a kid for kids!

Happy last couple days of June.  The kids have been at Camp Grandma which is why there’s been far less Friday posts, but we’re picking it back up again.  Here goes for this Friday: 

Ahem, (cough, cough, cough). Today I will tell you about the dusty volume that tells the story of…………CAMP GRANDMA AND GRAMPA!!(womp, womp, womp). Anyway, we headed WAY out into the desert to this small, desert town called Twentynine Palms. It is the town of my birth. Not really, but I’ve lived there most of my life(6 years), and I REALLY like it. I left a lot of friends the that I was quite fond of. We stayed at the grandparents house for a few days, playing and exploring the yard, finding a bird’s foot(seriously, half of it had the skin clean off, while the rest had the skin on it. It was super creepy), etc. finally, after, like days of waiting, mom and dad left and we left later that day. for what? you might be wondering. well you will find out In the next story, CAMP GRANDMA AND GRAMPA 2!!!TEAGAN UP AND OUT.   

Written by my 9-year old daughter and NOT edited by me much at all.  We currently live on a sailboat with a Great Dane at the dock but leave in November with Baja Ha-Ha to go south.  We publish Kids Corner every Friday by a kid, for kids.  If you have boat questions or comments from your kids, Teagan will answer in comments the best she can.

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