Ever been a Great Dane on a Sailboat with two little kids? Epic adventures await as we prep to leave.

Nearly every Sunday our Great Dane (Quincy) writes this advice and wisdom column to other dogs and humans who want to read her stuff.  See, Quincy the Great Dane lives on a cruising sailboat that’s leaving for blue water adventures in November, starting in Baja California.  We’re all looking for epic adventures to follow.

Here’s her advice and wisdom for today:  “Sometimes when you’re hot, just stick your head out the window“.


While we know that Quincy doesn’t have the same life as when we had a land-based house, she’s adapting to life on the boat nicely and seems to enjoy herself.  We know that when we leave we’ll need to work on the bathroom thing and more adaptation will take place, but it will be a work on progress.  For us, the Sea of Cortez is calling and epic adventures with family AND Quincy await.

We lived a traditional American life (house, two cars, dog eat) for years but realized how much we WANTED to spend time showing our kids some of the world through travel. So we’re working hard to prep the boat to leave in November, traveling and adventuring together.  You can follow us on this website, Patreon and YouTube.    

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