Ever seen a Great Dane Puppy and a grown Great Dane go full speed on a beach? Take a look-

Wow, I’ve been waiting for Quincy’s Word of the Day all day, thinking I missed it.  But really, it’s just late.  Read on:

From Quincy the Great Dane, who lives on a sailboat:

“Occasionally we get to go car riding to Dog Beach at Coronado Island, San Diego and I get to go wild on the beach.  Here’s my Wisdom for today:  Drink lots of salt water and get a tummy ache!  Drink more salt water and my daddy gets to clean up the whole cockpit when all my breakfast comes up!  Cool Huh! Last time we went to Dog Beach we met a puppy Great Dane who looked JUST like me…and I played with him.  I totally reveled in it”.  Check it out below.

Quincy’s Puppy Alter-Ego

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