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Many Faces of a Boat Dog

I’m scraping, sanding, cleaning and varnishing….alot.  Michelle retires in July and we’ll have family and friends here, so I’m working hard on the aesthetics neglected while I’ve worked on sewer systems, engine bits and other things you just don’t see unless you know what you’re looking at.  So in that vain, I’m giving you the many faces of Quincy the Sailboat Dog today since I’m not able to spend time on some of the other blog projects I have going but not finished. Enjoy:

Might be funny and cute to have a Great Dane on your bed the first time, but after they take over the bed, YOU have to find a place to sleep. No Great Danes allowed on our bed.
Quincy with the gray overcast overhead, anticipating rain.
Quincy with her lifejacket…showing signs of stress? Nope, she’s a sailor dog underway and seems to love it.

Wow, my old bed was huge and warm and comfy.

Quincy demonstrates the size and comfort of both the new couch and the new white pleather coverings on it.


Safest Dock Cart around.


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