For the last month or so, we’ve done pretty well in getting off the slip to get our “outside” on.  We’re back from another adventure and I’m loving getting back to the website for updates.  It’s been busy.  We conducted test # 1 of our Solar Panels with the Grandparents in Glorietta Bay just before Mother’s Day, then pressed on to a weekend trip to Paso Robles, Ca to restock our grog and see old friends.  After that, we leaned into test # 2 of our Solar Panels with a night crossing from San Diego to Catalina Island (Ca) for 3 days and a long fast day trip back….and via a one day turn-around, we headed out again for some giggle testing at Universal Studios, Hollywood.  We’re back and I’m refocused on what I need to fix from the Catalina Trip- leaking transmission fluid, cabinet doors that fall out with any swell and I’ll wager a myriad of other things I’ve forgotten.  Of course…being us…the kids went with us everywhere and we were happy to be around them for these different experiences.  Our new auto-pilot also showed up and I get to install it…as soon as our wheel is back fixed from the metal shop.  

When the Blog runs silent…we’re probably getting our outside on or I’m doing heavy work on the boat and don’t take the time to write.  We’re down to five (5) months till we cut the docklines and we’re feeling it.  I love it…it’s an end date to back plan from…now till then.  We’re LF2SF and we want to make sure you know if you have questions, comments or just want reach out to us, blog comments are ALWAYS answered…as soon as we’re back from our adventures.    

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    1. Hi, thanks and great to hear from you. Can’t wait to see u in July! It’s getting close and I think she’s feeling it- thanks for reading and commenting

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