May the 4th be with you-

Knowing we wanted to cook up some killer tacos with the Surf Fur Crew, I grabbed some meat at the store for Big Green Egg Cooking, but didn’t pay too much attention to what I was buying.  I wanted Carne Asada, but I came home with Santa Fe Strip.  Anything with “strip” in the name is ok by me for tacos or just eating, so I threw it on the Egg and cooked it up.  It was nearly perfect, perhaps cooked a minute too long.  I cooked up a total of 3.96 pounds and flipped the meat once, about 3 minutes per side.  Came out to be nicely cooked strips, but a bit thicker than normal carne asada and a bit tougher.  Regardless, we threw the meat into simple tacos with some rice and made a fine quicky meal we all seemed to like.  So here’s the meat on the barbi, next time you see Santa Fe Strip, you can reference this post about cooking on the Green Egg:

Santa Fe Strip on the Green Egg.

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