I knew my technical abilities were not my strong suite, so I enlisted a technical visionary to help me go from being a blogist to having a real website.

I sat around the boat in February enduring one of the rainiest and coldest months recorded in San Diego, Ca; realizing how much I wanted to go from being a Sailing Blogist to having an actual website.  When I say this, it sounds like I might be putting down blogs or sailing blogs but it’s totally not that at all.  I’ve posted and run my own blog for nearly four years without refreshing or updating it and I was ready for a change.  While online I read great websites like Sailing Totem and S/V Delos  with updated information and content, making me want to put up a site where I could post more content and work toward having a self-sustaining website.  Knowing I’m no technical visionary and I knew I needed some help I reached out to Mr. Jason Cushman, the purveyor of the Harsh Reality Website (which I follow for the laughs and tough love wisdom).  Jason knows some tech visionaries and after getting some specifics, he put me in contact with a technical guru, Mr. Brandon.  Nope, I’ve never met him but after talking to Brandon for a while I knew he was the right person.  Brandon runs a website and company called Brandnu Creations; advising and creating commercial and private websites and helping dummies like me make their own sites fresh and new.  Brandon could have charged me twice the amount of money for the time he spent talking to me by phone and discussing content issues by email and text, but we wanted to get it right.  In the end, my site stayed on the WordPress platform but Brandon made tweaks, updates and improvements to the site that never could be done with my limited technical abilities.

Of course being who we are as a family, I started working toward the website overhaul about the same time my wife traveled to Japan for two weeks and in the same two weeks we prepped and hauled Tulum out to give her a spa week (hull painting and other work).  Jason adapted to all this chaos on my end.  Coming out of all the work in the yard, I was stunned when finally able to get back on some Wi-Fi and see my overhauled and updated site, like brand new and shiny again.  With help from Brandnu Creations I was also able to sum up the courage to start my own YouTube Channel and turn on Patreon.  We’re not putting Patreon worthy videos on YouTube yet, but at least it’s all turned on and linked together now, a huge step forward.  

If you’re reading this post and need some technical help with your own site or blog, please consider dropping Brandon an email or stop by his website.  

LF2SF and I have NO financial affiliation to Brandnu Creations or Brandon since he already took our money and ran away to Colorado with it….but only after he finished all the work on the site.     

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    1. Hi, thanks so much for the compliment, I love my new site and look. Any chance you’re gonna bring your blogger meetup back anytime soon, that was a good chance for smaller bloggers to get noticed on your site? Chad

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