Perhaps a picture is all you need to tell someone all about your lifestyle?

To me, it’s a peculiar feeling when a photo really describes the mood and tone of your life, right in the single second it was taken.  I don’t ascribe much to that aspect of photography, but the photo in this post is nearly perfect for us in the moment it was taken.


Quincy the Boat Dog, (a Great Dane) on the hook at Glorietta Bay, looking toward Coronado.  Photo Credit to Michelle using an iPhone. 

Quincy the Great Dane lives on our sailboat and is prepping for Baja Ha-Ha 2019 when we’ll cut the docklines to go cruising.  Have a great Sunday and a great week.  I continue to scrape and scrape as I prep my cabin windows and other teak for sanding and varnish.  It’s gotta be done, it’s just painful boat yoga.  I now KNOW why lots of people pay others to do this for them.  It’s a lot of work and a lot of time which most probably don’t have and don’t care to do.  I’m doing it and it’s a full job, saving us thousands of dollars.  



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