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Today I’m going tell you about Disney land. So first we went in the car for TEN INSUFFERABLE hours! then when we FINALLY got there, the hotel was actually pretty cool. They had a glowing fountain in the courtyard, glowing lights everywhere, and the elevator was see through! Disney land was the best, though. my favorite rides were space mountain and Grizzly river run. Space mountain actually went upside down!!! And grizzly river run was fun too, because your on this river raft, and you go into this tunnel on the raft, when suddenly, WOOSHG! There’s this waterfall, and you go down it, and EVERYBODY gets wet! it’s awesome! Then we went back to the hotel, and the best thing happened! FIREWORKS shot from the sky like waterspouts! It was awesome! Anyway, I have to go. Bye! TEAGAN UP AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

As you can read, I pretty much put my daughter’s writing on here with few edits, allowing her 9-year old mind to write what she wants and start getting better and better at it.  I’m really impressed that she still sits down and writes on my computer at least once a week, coming up with these posts that I try to put out every Friday.  I hope I can get her to keep doing this, it’s pretty fantastic and the thought process is to give her and her sister a place to allow other kids to peer into their boat world.  It will get better as they start taking pictures on the trip with their own camera’s and excitement builds. 

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