Thursday afternoon, Tulum got it’s last poo-poo pump out (from Pepe La Pooforever, as we had ordered and were set to install the second Air Head Composting Toilet on our 51′ sailboat.  I’ve been longing to go away from toilets on a blue-water sailboat that consume both electricity and fresh water, knowing we had several options to achieve this very goal.  First, we could have kept our toilets and pumped saltwater through them.  They still would have used electricity, but we could have run saltwater through them.  This means you get saltwater in the lines and the holding tank (which means associated smells) and you still have to macerate/pump to get the stuff out of the holding tank and out of the boat.  We could have also gone to pump heads that used saltwater and we could have installed a 3-way valve, meaning the remains just go over the side when we’re at sea or out of the US.  This would mean no electricity and no freshwater + nothing going through the holding tanks.  Or Option #3 was to get rid of the systems and install full composting heads, meaning I don’t have to rely on holding tanks, power or water to get the remains out of the boat.  I like that.  So, I’ve just installed the 2nd Air Head and we’re up and running.

Here’s the Air Head just out of the package and in storage for a day or so:

Here’s the same Air Head, installed in our stern head, ready for use (note both the salt and fresh water inlets behind it, not yet taken out):


And here’s another look at our forward head install (Don’t add the aiming point like I did, just pee into the holes already there):


For those of you curious about full install of our Air Head’s, click the following link to get to a more complete story I published last week.










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