HOLA, AMIGOS {that means “hello, friends!” in spanish}!  I’ve got 3 words for you: “IT’S.SPRING.BREAK!!!” today we went to Balboa park! We had a picnic, then we went to the San Diego Railroad Museum. Then we had some herbal tea and went to the Japanese garden…okay, I’d like to say that the rebel part of my brain says that it did NOT match my “rebel person” style, but then dad would be mad at me. After that we went to the “world cottages”, this place where there are all kinds of cottages, and each one represents a different country. And then there was “the ‘round the world gift store”, with all kinds of different gifts from other countries. I got this kind of flute, except it was many different flutes stuck together. I gotta go amigos. See ya later! TEAGAN UP AND OUT!   

Kids Corner is written by my 9yr old daughter who lives full time on our Aleutian 51 Sailboat while we’re on the dock here in San Diego.  We’re waiting on a couple more large milestones (wife’s retirement and cutting the docklines in November) until we start cruising full time.  My daughters writing is only lightly edited by me and I don’t change content unless something could be mistaken for offensive (have never had to do that yet).  I’m glad she’s writing and expanding her world.

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