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Beer Can Chicken on a Big Green Egg on a Boat

Sunday after putting the boat to bed after a great day of sailing outside San Diego Bay with the crew from; I needed to whip up a quick dinner for another friend coming for dinner and this was the BOMB.  Cooking on the egg in less than an hour, it gave me prep time for the rest of the meal and wasn’t too hard to make.  

I started with a whole defrosted chicken and my ceramic chicken cooker  (filled with cheap beer) on a drip pan.  I dry-rubbed the chicken, set up the Big Green Egg for cooking indirect at between 350′-400′ degrees and without further work, left the chicken in the BGE to cook for an hour.  During that hour I did not open the lip as the heat would have escaped, depending on my drip pan to keep the drippings in and not allow that grease to get into my stone (used for indirect cooking).  It worked.  After an hour and ten minutes, I had a tender, moist Beer Can Chicken for the record books, the rest of my dinner was done and I had been able to enjoy a sunset on the stern of my boat while prepping it all.

I think the key to this successful cook was the Sittin-Chicken Ceramic Beer Can Roaster that I used.  It kept the chicken sitting upright and didn’t potentially warp or fall over like a hot beer can might.  We could easily taste the beer and spice mix that had been inside the roaster and there was still beer and spices inside when I took it off the grill.  Paired with a nice bottle of California Viognier, this was a fantastic quick cheap meal.  Take a look below at one of my first beer can chickens…on a Big Green Egg on a sailboat!  

Beer Can Chicken cooked on Saint Patty’s Day.
Another View-

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