CUBAR 2019 registration is open and cutting docklines on November 4th, will you be with them? AND....LF2SF releases it's first YouTube Video.

Good Morning, I was so excited to write this post that I couldn’t wait till later in the week to release it.  Lest you think I only write about sailing and sailboats, here’s a post about an important upcoming powerboat event that everyone will appreciate, sure to be an adventure!  Ever heard of the CUBAR?  Most of you probably haven’t, so I’m gonna take a teachable moment and drop some knowledge.  CUBAR stands for “Cruise Underway to Baja Rally”  The event is sponsored by the San Diego Yacht Club and is geared toward powerboats, like the Baja Ha-Ha is geared toward sailboats.  It takes off from San Diego, stops in Ensenada, Turtle Bay, Mag Bay, San Jose Del Cabo and finishes in La Paz, Mexico.  This is a definitive West Coast Rally for powerboats and a great way to get to Mexico with a bunch of folks who will become lifelong friends.  This year’s CUBAR is being run by the owner of TRLMI, where I just took three small boat technical courses in a row, vastly improving my overall knowledge.  The coolest part of this year’s rally is that it’s leaving to head south on the same day as the Baja Ha-Ha, so there may be well over 200 boats in San Diego Bay on November 4th.  But, the CUBAR stops that first day in Ensenada while the Baja Ha-Ha folks keep sailing for Turtle Bay.

So if you own a powerboat or have dreamed of owning a powerboat and want to head south in November, this is a GREAT way to do it.  Even if you only want to go down Baja and then immediately bash back up, that’s ok….it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

LF2SF has officially turned on its own Patreon Account and yesterday we turned on our own YouTube Channel…we’re official.  This video of Mr. Dave Abrams pitching the CUBAR on Saturday (at a seminar I was at) is the first lightly edited and cut video we’ve made, but we’ve gotta start somewhere.  So….here’s CUBAR 2019 on our very own baby YouTube channel.


CUBAR and Baja Ha-Ha Route, except CUBAR stops in Ensenada. Map courtesy of Baja Ha-Ha Website

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