Quincy the Great Dane on a boat-

After Tulum being on the hard (hauled out) for 11 days and Quincy being in the kennel for those days, she was glad to be home and I had missed her.

Let’s just say Quincy was happy to be home and back in her favorite spot.

And, back on her own bed:

Sunday (St. Patricks Day) she needed her bling and we took her for her second sail with friends on board:

Quincy knows something’s going on but can’t really figure out what (we were prepping to get off the slip)….but she’s got her bling on.
Quincy with her lifejacket…showing signs of stress? Nope, she’s a sailor dog underway and seems to love it.

Quincy publishes updates, stories and sage life wisdom every Sunday, please check in with us every Sunday to get those updates-

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  1. She really seems to be so content in her spot. But very alert in that one picture of her looking out of the window.

    1. First, thanks for coming up on email and not being a “Hater”, that’s why I don’t like giving out email but will have it on this blog starting this summer. Right now, I think my site has the most info I’ve ever found on the Aleutian 51 and current vessels out here in the world. I talk to at least four current or past owners of Aleutians and know of one in the Caribbean out sailing now.

      Questions answered for you:

      1. I found the plans tucked away in a waterproof tube in storage above our V-Berths, way in the back with several other treasures. Not sure every boat will come with them because they’re so fragile and they look to be original, with pencil lead coming off when you touch the writing. I took the time via a friend to have them professionally photographed and put onto CD, which is how I’ve been able to put them on the site. I also have 8.5 by 11 photocopies of them. I’d be happy to send you a set if you give me a mailing address.

      2. I don’t know how many official layouts were built, but the pictures of the other Aleutian’s I’ve seen have been Sloops, not ketch’s. My theory is that there’s both. I’ve had one person tell me 9 boats were built and another tell me there were 11 boats built. These boats are not even listed on SailData when you look up Stan Huntingford. I’ve also heard that possibly 2-3 “knockoff” Aleutian’s may have been built in Canada? Don’t know the validity of that statement.

      3. We’ve never had her be rolly at anchor, yet. But she does roll a bit in sort strong swell, like when a giant fast powerboat sweeps by us.

      Keep the questions coming, I love it and that’s why this site is up and running. We leave in November but we’re gonna start making videos and keep up the blog.


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