Thinking through and downsizing very personal items is very hard to do, but by the nature of living on a small boat and not wanting to pay for more storage, it's probably a fact of life for cruisers.

When I discuss downsizing personal items; I’m not talking about sorting and putting things in storage, I’m talking about actually getting rid of very personal items because you really don’t want to pay for yet another storage shed.  This was brought home last week as I watched our triathlon bikes and equipment get sold and carted off.  I was the impetus behind this but it still had an emotional impact, as we’ve now truly closed that door for the near future at least.

These are my SIDI size 8 bike shoes. Someone actually bought my used bike shoes. Cool!
Yes, these are used bike helmets that are over 5 years old. I sold them both! (They were in good shape)
Park Bike Tool Set, nearly complete.
My steel Guru Sidero (700) Training Bike. This bike was incredibly significant to me because my wife had our second daughter the day me and her went in to get it custom fitted to me, a quasi birthday present.
My Wife’s Specialized Ruby with Tri Rig, she did multiple long distance Triathlon Events on this Bike.
My Argon 18 E-116 Tri Race Bike. This bike was a beast meant for fast flat courses. I didn’t get to ride it as much as I wanted to when I bought it.

So now we’ve downsized the bikes and some of the triathlon equipment.  Still need to figure out what to do with the swim wetsuits and some of the other stuff, but getting rid of these three bikes went a long ways to starting to empty the shed.  We continue to march toward a date in late May or June when I can get rid of the last shed we pay for; which will be another huge milestone/goal.  Ever think about what you’re going to do with your gear when you’re done with it?  I had not thought that through either.  Ever consider the lengths you will go through to achieve goals?  I didn’t think I’d have the balls to sell my precious bikes; but this seemed to be a necessary action to save money/get rid of the storage shed and take another step toward our goal of sailing south. 

I’ve now met a number of folks who are considering casting off the docklines this year for warmer climes full of rum and sun.  I look forward to meeting you all in person.


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    1. The Blue Guru in one of the pics is steel. Loved it. Also had a Titanium Moots at one point, wish I still had it. I was into bikes and we did alot of riding. Fell in love with sailing and can’t get it out of my system.

      1. Would be great if you could keep up both sailing and bixycling, but unfortunately that doesn’ seem to work. Thanks about the info re your bikes.

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