HELLOOOOO!!!!!  Guess what? I’M BACK!!! PS something you should know about me: I have read the WHOLE series of Harry Potter.  Awesome, right?  Now that I realize it, I don’t really have a lot to talk about but dad would get really mad at me if I just leave most of this-what is it called? I’m gonna go with typing paper-typing paper blank, so I’m gonna keep typing.  At school, we’ve{me and my classmates} been told we’re going to start working on this biography on any famous person we want.   Anyone.   Alive or dead.   I of course chose {AHEM} LEONARDO DA VINCI!!!!-AKA to be THE most famous inventor alive! That is if he was alive. When my teacher said we could do as many reports as we want to, at that moment I was seriously FREAKING OUT!!! My next biography will be about {AHEM, again} MOTHER TERESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKA, she helped out the poor a motherload! After that, I’ll do {AHEM- for the second time} SALLY RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was the first women in space {GO WOMEN!} After that I’ll be doing A-B-R-A-H-A-M LINCOLN.  YAWN. Well, I gotta go. See y’all later! TEAGAN UP AND OUT!!!

(From the actual author….remember when you read this that it’s written by a 9-year old.  Her enthusiasm comes through huh?  CALLING ALL PEN PALS- if your kids have questions about boat life, I’ll make sure Teagan answers them in her writings, but you’ve got to send them to me in comments-)

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  1. Thank you for reposting this because I have a family with a 7 yr old who is interested in having a PenPal. His name is Evan, living on a Fuji 40, SV Mosaic, with his sister and parents. They also have a website, mosaicvoyage.com, that I encourage you to check out. Happy Day to you. CJ on SV DharmaGirl

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