Learning to do something again to stay in shape.

With my elbow on the mend (it was an inflamed bursa over the elbow) and my neck under control, I’ve gotten a bit stir crazy from not doing something to keep myself in shape.  See, throughout my life I have done sports that kept me in decent shape: mountaineering, climbing, long distance triathlon and running/lifting.  With retirement and various injuries, I’ve transitioned out of triathlon and thought I was going to do great in CrossFit, but that’s not in the cards.  I have fewer problems now with diet than I had before and I’ve found that with my stress levels different than when I was working for someone else instead of myself, my weight is far easier to manage.  But I’ll never be able to go back to CrossFit, so I’m going back to what I know, which is running (jogging/slogging/walking).  I’m no runner and God didn’t build me to be one, but I’m a very slow and steady jogger and that’s good enough for me.  I’m humble about this since I wanted to move onto another sport besides running, but I’m learning that I’ll do whatever I can to stay in shape.

This is my new sentiment- Courtesy of Pinterest

See; there’s NO WAY I’m gonna keep the belly off without doing something.  So I am.  Read below for my real thoughts:

Courtesy of eCards and Pinterest.



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