Quincy lives on a 51 foot Aleutian Ketch, doling out sage advice every Sunday morning.

Quincy the Great Dane on a Sailboat has had a rough week:  She’s had to go back and forth to her daycare kennel multiple days this week and this weekend there’s rain and clouds; so she’s gotta hang out in the cockpit more than usual.  I’m not sure what the typical life is for a Great Dane on a sailboat, but I think this is pretty much it.  She’s anxious to share her weekly advice with you:

In this weekly advice segment, Quincy wants to let you know she’s speaking for all dogs:  Owner, no matter what, I’ll always love you.


I can’t speak for all Great Danes on sailboat’s, but I have more experience than some as I grew up with a Great Dane on a cruising sailboat in Central American as a kid.  Now Quincy lives on our sailboat as we prep to take off with the Baja Ha-Ha in November.  She’s our 3rd Great Dane, but the first one to live on a boat.  I think she’s adapting very well all things considered (we also have two school age children on the boat and my wife still works full-time).  Tulum V is our second sailboat and I’m pretty sure a large part of the decision to sell the last one and buy an older, heavier, more maintenance intensive Taiwan built beast was to accommodate the Great Dane.  I’m ok with this as I love this boat and getting her ready for blue water cruising.  Irregardless, it’s too late to go back and as a family we don’t look back too often.  It’s March and this means we’re now 7 months from cutting the docklines.  I’m ready.

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      1. Hi Chad. I made a comment on his blog and he responded a couple of days ago. Perhaps we all feel a little blue/brown at this time of year?

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