Kids Corner is back with my daughter Teagan introducing herself-

HELLO everybody!!!!  I’m back!  P.S, I know that all of those EXCLAMATION marks are kind of not needed, BUT, in my family, if someone said that to me I would TOTALLY F-R-E-A-K OUT!!!! Seriously. ANYWAY, I didn’t exactly go into the details about myself so I know that if you’re at home reading this, then you’re probably about to say “O.M.G. there’s more to know about this girl”?! And then you’re probably about to scream because you loved my so much. Right?  My name is Teagan, I’m 9 years old, and I live on a sailboat!  Anyways, I have recently gone to a bird store where I thought I would get a parrot, but apparently not.  There we looked at the smallest cages that the bird would be comfortable enough in and then the guy showing us around took this very beautiful bird out of one of the cages.  It was green all around its body, but its tail and the underside of its wings were red. The guy said it was a male Eclectus parrot, and that it was the best bird to go on a boat. Unlike a lot of parrots, if you gave it enough toys, it won’t chew on the wood of the boat (as much as some of the others).  The best part though was that it could talk! It was a very beautiful bird and I totally recommend one.  If you live in San Diego, then you can visit the place, called “Our Feathered Friends”. I gotta go, so see ya all next post. Teagan, UP AND OUT!

This post was conceived and written by my 9-year old daughter Teagan…lightly edited for grammar and spelling by me.   If you like kids corner and your kids would like to pen pal with Teagan (9) or Kellyn (7); their comments and questions would be most welcomed and the girls will respond to each-


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