Jerking out a Washer/Dryer from a Sailboat-

I get a bit stir crazy in rain and overcast weather and we had a lot in February and it’s gonna happen all next week.  The last time in February we had an entire week of rain and wind, I decided to knock out one of my long-standing projects from my long project list…and jerk out the Bendix washer/dryer combo that’s been resident on the boat since we bought her.  It’s worked fine, but we never used it.  I decided to take out this perfectly good functioning appliance because I didn’t think it was needed on our boat: It’s took up valuable cabinet space,  it takes fresh water to run and it takes 110v power to work, which means we would need the generator in order to run the appliance.  I’m simply downsizing and simplifying as many of the systems as possible, cause I’m not the greatest mechanic or electrician.  Here’s what I started with:



Here’s my progression





After starting to pull it out, I simply had to unscrew the front pieces of teak on the cabinet, take off the doors on the other side and jerk the appliance out of the cabinet.





After getting it out this far (above) I disconnected the hot and cold water lines but had to cut the electrical cord that went though the wood on top, no way it was coming down through the tiny hole left there.  This is pretty simple and straightforward, but getting it out of the boat wasn’t.


Even after measuring the appliance and the top hatchway, I was convinced it would lift straight through.  It didn’t and we have the scratches on the teak to prove it.  And…the washer and dryer combo is ALOT heavier than it looks, so it took three adult men to lift this thing out of the boat, using straps and strength.  Nothing would appease the hatch God, we simply had to start removing parts of the washer/dryer to get it though the hatch.  After taking off everything we could, it finally fit with a few more scratches to my perfect teak entryway.  If you’re going to do this (either putting in a washer/dryer or take one out) make sure you simply take off the widgets first.…learn from my experience.  Finally it was on the dock.


That night over a beer or two, I put everything back together and covered it for the oncoming rain.   The next day the kids were off school, so we loaded the washer/dryer and an extra anchor in the adventure truck and headed to Orange County for our semi-annual Minney’s visit.  If you’ve never been here, you don’t know what you’re missing.  I’ll do a separate post on our visit, but it was fun and we traded our loot for store credit (did very well on it too) then turned around and spent it all on rope to make spinnaker sheets.

Here’s a link to one of my last stories about Minney’s:  Saturday Morning Minney’s Run,  






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