Steak Perfection Achieved using high temperature direct cooking on the Big Green Egg

I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy working cooking the perfect steak on the Big Green Egg (small) on the sailboat.  Using the recipe from the Big Green Egg CookbookI found the right steaks (1 1/4 inch Ribeye) and all the right spices.  Using the book, I followed the recipe and the cooking directions to achieve near perfection on the grill.  This was using a high heat (500 degrees) direct cooking method on the Green Egg, which it does quite well.  I was impressed myself.

Near Perfection Achieved

Lest you think I’m truly not critical of myself, the only thing I would change from the recipe is this:  Next time, I won’t use as much sea salt as the recipe calls for, it seemed a bit much.  Needless to say, the family and my parents fresh back from a month in Ecuador devoured the Green Egg cooked meal.  I’m still shooting for the Beer Can Chicken, maybe Friday.

Here’s the link to my last Green Egg Adventure: Big Green Egg on a Sailboat- Ray Lampe’s Cookbook As My Inspiration

Next up…downsizing gets personal and next week- Tulum comes out of the water.


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    1. We really don’t eat it that often, but in small amounts it’s probably not that bad. Compared to some of the other things I’ve gone through,,,,it’s not that bad. But yes, thank you for the reminder-

    1. Pit, thats some pretty impressive barbecuing, but you should reconsider a Green Egg to use this coming Labor Day and your meat will be the talk of the town. I didn’t remember you were in Fredericksburg, one of my old stomping grounds. Long ago I used to work at Whole Earth Houston and Enchanted Rock was one of my havens. I also liked the German Bakery in town and toured the Admiral’s museum at least once.

  1. Well, I think I’ll stay with the bbq pit we have. A question about the Green Egg: how do gou go about if you need to put in more wood/charcoal?
    So you know “Fritztown”! Surprise, surprise! 🙂 The German Bakery is still here, and we like it for the sweet rolls they sell. And for the great choices for food for breakfast and lunch.
    So far we haven’t been to the Museum of the Pacific War yet, but more than once to Enchanted Rock.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. For the charcoal, you just take out the grill and dump it in via the top. But if you mean when we’re traveling, I think charcoal of some kind is available in many places, we’ll find out.

      1. I wasn’t thinking of travelling, just of re-filling. Thanks for letting me know.

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