More Sage Advice from Quincy the Great Dane

This is Quincy the Boat Dog’s weekly post to stay in touch with all of you and make sure you know she’s still around, living on a sailboat while her owners prep to go bluewater cruising.  You’ll have to guess what kind of advice may come next if you don’t click to read the rest-

Quincy’s advice for this fine Sunday afternoon:  Sometimes you find a perfect spot to sleep, sometime you don’t.  But no matter where your spot is, remember you still need to sleep.

One of Quincy’s new spots.

We’ve had more rain this January and February than in several past years, so Quincy has had to spend more time sleeping in the cockpit than usual.  When it’s sunny, she does sleep in a new spot on the deck and often follows me around the boat as I work.  We’ve now been together on the boat as a family for 8 months and we have another 8 months to go before we cut the docklines.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks despite the rain and I’m happy with the way work on the boat is progressing.  First part of March the boat will go into the yard for bottom paint and other projects, looking forward to all that.

To those who have started following in the last couple weeks, thanks.  We’re currently working with a talented web site designer to reinvigorate site design and overall look to bring you more info and upgraded content.  We’ll be turning on the YouTube channel in the summer and I’m working on learning to edit video as well as take better pics.

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