Evolution of a great hand-crafted tattoo by Tim from Guru, in pictures-

I need to take a moment to rave about Guru Tattoo in Little Italy, San Diego, Ca, USA.  An extremely professional and clean business, this tattoo shop has a dedicated following and fair prices that match the detailed and perfect artistry from each practitioner.  When some of the senior practitioners in the shop have 2-3 month wait times to even talk about starting a tattoo; there’s gonna be some badass ink.  Tim McEvoy is one of the best and his ink speaks for him.  If you’re looking for a great tattoo and want quality over a quickie; Guru is a great choice.  Check out the progress of a full sleeve tattoo that took five months to complete: 

1st Day of actual tattooing. The artist traces the entire concept using a stencil, then starts tattooing. This was taken on a break, with two more hours of tattooing after this.
Tattoo in progress, September

Tattooing continued in October and November, with a break in December.

Tattoo nearly complete, January.
Tattoo complete in February, healing in progress. Color took more time to heal than the Black or Gray.
A badass tattoo. Photo Credit to Michelle.

I have no financial interest in Guru Tattoo or Tim McEvoy and won’t earn a cent if you choose to get a tattoo at Guru, but I do suggest you check them out if you’re interested in the tattooing arts.

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