Quincy finds a spot in the morning sun.

Quincy the Boat Dog lives on our Aleutian 51 Sailboat while we prep to go cruising.  She keeps this Sunday corner of my blog to pass on her Great Dane Wisdom.  Read on for today’s Wisdom: 

“When you can find a sunny spot to take a break, you gotta just take it sometimes!”

Quincy the Boat Dog finds a new spot on deck, in the sun.

She’s not too shy about taking a break, but this is the first time in this spot, in the sun. 

See, San Diego in January and February has been really, really cold and rainy this year, down into the 40’s with rain and good sized winds.  Quincy is fine in the doghouse cockpit of the boat, but she ventured out into the sun yesterday to find a warm spot and grab a nap.

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