Cooking on the Big Green Egg changed my barbecue life completely-

This was Friday’s post but I didn’t write it till this morning because I was stuck putting in a third main faucet after the second one turned out to be defective and leaked. Fuck! But I’ve recovered and now you can read this first post of my Category (Green Egg on a Sailboat). 

Prior to getting my own Big Green Egg some five years ago, I was a notorious burner of anything that neared my barbecue.  I like to barbecue, but didn’t like the critics who are not out in the hot smoke attempting to balance a beer in one hand and cooking on the barbecue in the other.  But my barbecue star changed some five years ago when I found a Big Green Egg Dealer going out of business.  I had no idea of the value of the deal he made me on a large size Big Green Egg package; but I was clear that I needed buy-in from my wife so there was no splinter in our relationship.  She agreed to the new barbecue somehow and we trucked it home.  My barbecue life changed forever after this, as I was physically unable to continue to burn food on this new barbecue….and everything made on it tasted better than ANY other smoker or barbecue you could ever find – anywhere.  I was hooked.  I smoked on it, I baked on it, I barbecued veggies, smoked turkey and turducken, smoked ribs and prime rib and impressed hot wife with NO MORE burned barbecue.  I was hooked and so was the family.  When April 2018 came around and I realized we were really moving…the large size of our Big Green Egg meant it had to be packed with the rest of our stuff and off it went.  Out of my life until we become land bound again.  I missed that barbecue and still do.  As much of a downer as this sounds like…it is!  But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’ve chosen to find it instead of dwell on our old lives.  Again, while out shopping we found another Big Green Egg Dealer here in San Diego going out of business and found a small floor model Big Green Egg for a very, very discounted price.  Since my birthday is rapidly approaching and I usually turn a bit melancholy around that time of sorrow (due to age); I may get a Big Green Egg (size small) for this upcoming celebration of my birth.  I’m thinking we may be a unique sailboat to have an actual Big Green Egg on board and an actual Great Dane too.  We should be a sight to see when we’re out and about.  I’m also thinking I’m going to write and share Big Green Egg cooking and recipes from onboard a sailboat with all of you as we go.

The new blog category is Green Egg on a Sailboat and I’m the writer, cook and barbecuer.    Can’t wait to bring you the first thing cooked on the new barbecue on my own boat! Keep following, as we continue the countdown to cut the lines and sail away – 9 months and counting.

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    1. Well, If you want a million times beyond decent and want a BBQ, smoker and pizza oven in one, you should look into a Green Egg. But, they are expensive, a BBQ you’ll own for life-

    1. The Green Eggs ARE expensive, which is why I’ve bought both of mine at “going out of business” sales and gotten huge discounts on them. This is how I was able to buy larger than originally intended, because I would have not have been able to afford them otherwise- Good luck on your purchase, it will change your barbecuing the rest of your life-

  1. I seem to need a new grill every 2 or 3 years – lack of proper care (for starters), on my part. It really would be in my best interest to get a BGE. Spend a little more to get a lasting grill.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Mine is back tomorrow and if there’s no rain I’m smokin a whole pork butt sat for sone pulled pork. I’ll have it on the blog mon! Great to hear back from u-

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