Yup, she's a Great Dane on a Sailboat and she has her very own Sunday Blog Post....every Sunday that we're not out exploring or sailing.

Quincy is a nearly 5-year old pure bred Great Dane who lives on our sailboat as we prepare to go bluewater cruising in October of 2019.  Since this is our second sailboat, one could make the argument that we bought this boat just for her,,,,they might be right.  Every Sunday is Quincy’s time to jump on the blog….sharing whatever’s on her mind with all of you.  Come follow us to keep up with her and our adventures-

For today, you should know that the guy who feeds me doesn’t really like to play games, but I love to.  I play tug the rope toy, chase the red ball, eat the blanket and sleepy Great Dane pretty well.  But….when the family came back from Paso Robles they brought home a new bed and blanket for me and I really, really like it.  So I decided to play some hide and sleep with them on my new bed.  Check out below and tell me how I did?

Elk or Dog?

I can do better, check out this second try!

Am I under here or did they just throw a blanket on my bed? Do you believe that’s an entire 130 pound Great Dane under the Elk?

Yep, in the middle of a heavy cruising sailboat salon it’s a round dog bed with a 130 pound Great Dane all curled up and very asleep as the kids covered her in various ways with the new Elk camo.  Can you spot the Great Dane?

Below are some of Quincy’s other important writings for your reading pleasure!  If you like her column, follow us for her wisdom and wit every Sunday and her owner’s acerbic take on bluewater sailboat preparation as his October 2019 deadline looms!





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