Here's one for Dray 0308, of Dream Big Dream often- Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to yours on this Christmas Eve.  In going through comments, I noted that Dray 0308 loved his trip to the BVI, so I decided to do a random photo essay of the BVI just for Dray 0308, of the Dream Big Dream Often blog.

This is the BVI!
Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, DrEmiMD.

Pain Killer-Photo Credit to Dr.EmiMD
FOXY’s on Jost Van Dyke, BVI- Photo Credit to Dr.EmiMD
Great Harbor Beach- Yost- BVI’s Photo Credit to Dr.EmiMD
Boats at Sunset- BVI

Goal in mind,,,end state!

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Cane Garden Bay, BVI looking north. Our bareboat catamaran is in the picture and my two girls play on the beach. Photo credit to Hotwife.

As we glide toward Christmas, we want to make sure to reach out and say “kick MS ASS”. 

Photo Credits to Dr.EmiMD (pre-hurricane).  LF2SF has no financial interest in Dr. Emi or her business; we simply use her photos as needed when need some great photos of BVI!  Her photos are pre-hurricane and ours are post-hurricane- there’s a difference.


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