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A friend texted me to say he had seen stories about Quincy the Boat Dog, but not much about the family;  so I decided to write that update as a blog post vice a mail-out letter with our Christmas Cards.  We’re not trying to be secretive or force the blog, we just didn’t get to doing a mail-out letter this year with the Christmas cards.  So…here goes: 

2018 turned out to be a banner year for the Tulum Family.  We achieved major milestones toward cruising and turned important corners in life.  In January after lots of research and soul-searching we made an offer on an Aleutian-51 Ketch and in February we closed on the boat.  Hotwife had been living separate from the family since June of 2017 on our other boat; but she (the boat) sold in October of 2017.  Since we now had another sailboat, Hotwife moved back onboard in late February. 

We christened the boat Tulum 5 in March. 

We also put our house up for sale in March. 

In April (knowing I was pending retirement) we had decided to do a bareboat trip to the British Virgin Islands as a suitable retirement present for yours truly.  It was a great trip (with the kids) onboard a 45-foot 2018 catamaran with four other friends.  What a great trip, we spent the night at different island nearly every night and I can’t wait to take Tulum 5 back there. 

Mid-April would bring chaos as we accepted an offer on our house but Hotwife traveled for work at the same time as we had to move.

Yes, we were moved, while Hotwife as gone, I was working and the kids were still in school. (this was everyday for 5 days)

May and June would bring the real heat  while we lived in a rental house waiting on me to retire and the kids to finish school.  July would bring more chaos; as the kids finished school and we prepped to move us, our stuff and the dog out of the rental house and onto the boat.

In July I retired.

Got my Gold Watch.  Photo Credit to Pexels

Many folks did lots of hard work for my retirement and some traveled from far away to come say “Congrats”; which is very much appreciated.  I know moving on and retiring was the best thing for me and my family.  My body and mind simply would not have handled much more and I can’t be more serious when I say how much I love spending this time with my family (although I may drive Hotwife nuts sometimes).  In August the girls went back to school here in the local area near the boat and fall came and went.  We completed an install of a new windlass, had the girl’s forward berth remodeled and had a new couch put in the boat.  During the same time we also got the boat out of the slip numerous times with Hotwife taking over the helm duties successfully (as helmswomen).  We’re also living with our 130-pound Great Dane (Quincy) who’s done much better than expected in adapting to boat life.

New Windlass
New larger berth for KK.
Quincy demonstrates the size and comfort of the new couch and the new white pleather covering it.
Quincy practices her Pirate Captain stance while at anchor.

We look forward to 2019, it will be another big year for us:   May– Sign Up for Baja Ha-Ha, Summer: Hotwife will retire, October– LEAVE FOR BAJA HA-HA.

Like I said in the beginning, I think this blog and website will be one of our primary means of communications, so if you know folks who want to stay in touch with us, please encourage them to follow this blog.  So ends our Tulum Crew 2018 Letter, thanks for reading.

-Map Credit to Paradise-Islands.Org

-Photo Credit for Watch Picture to Pexels



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    1. God I hope so. I look forward to having you on the journey.
      PS: We’re going to Paso Robles soon, I’ll raise a glass of something red for you while there-

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