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No one’s perfect.  I have not been secretive about the fact that I hurt myself at Crossfit but it had nothing to do with the coaches or the Box, it was my own dumbass fault.  Don’t think this is really due to Crossfit, it’s due to me continuing to train with a known injury, making it worse.  So I haven’t worked out in about three weeks and hate the feeling.  I needed to get back out there and continue to do something, but I know I’m done with Crossfit.  I regret it, but I am.  So…I started running again (read jogging).  I did a whole 22 minutes this morning and it felt so really great, except that every time I swing my arm, the elbow hurts bad.  I don’t care, I’m gonna get back out there and do something until my Ortho visit.

I’m not much of a shining example, but I also say not to compare yourself to the perfection you see on your Pinterest feed.  To be the best you it may take getting off the couch or the boat and starting to do something, one foot in front of the other one like I did this morning.  Give it a try-

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  1. Screw Pinterest! You are who you are and the hell with everyone else. I bet your wife and kids love you no matter what so what else matters? Self confidence is only good to a point.

    1. I love to look at Pinterest regardless, we have great stuff on our Pinterest site but we’re definitely leaning toward the bars and bikinis end of the spectrum!

  2. It is a while since I have read your blog, Chad, but what the heck have you been up to??? Bodies need to heal as well as be gently exercised. When I catch up, I will give you a proper row. 😁 Merry Christmas to you and your hot wife, children and dog. K x

    1. Left Elbow epicondylitis with pain,,,,was hurt then felt better after steroids so I went back to another Crossfit session, and messed it up really good. I’m not really good at patience.

      1. Oooooh dear, that sounds really painful. Take it from the person who spent a year in a full leg cast followed by a tendon operation that you need to be really careful. I am not good with patience either…😘

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