Our first sailboat heads to Baja Ha-Ha 2018 and I'm a bit enraptured watching her leave.

It’s taken me over a month now to be able to put into words the emotions of watching our former sailboat leave for Baja Ha-Ha 2018.   Having your current and former sailboat able to be in one picture is cool enough,  but watching your former sailboat glide from her slip one last time proved to me how enraptured I can be with sailboats and the emotions they spark, even when I don’t own them.

Amelia Rose, the Hunter 460 seen in the photo essay below, was formally named Tulum IV.   We owned her for just over three years and when we sold her late in 2017 the new owners stated they would be taking her on Baja Ha-Ha 2018.  I wasn’t sure that would happen; but they left just like they said they would.  As a sailing blog writer, editor and photographer, I could not be happier.  But the emotions of watching our former sailboat slip her lines one last time and glide past Tulum 5 were palpable for both me and my wife.

The crew of the Amelia Rose had a large proud family to see them off. 
Amelia Rose slips her lines one last time in the US.
Headed for Baja Ha-Ha 2018
Picture perfect-
Amelia Rose and Tulum 5 in the same picture.
I’m hoping to find Amelia Rose somewhere in Mexico in 2019/2020.
Fair Winds and Following Seas-

I was proud to be able to see the Amelia Rose spread her wings and leave on this adventure.  I asked permission to photograph her as she left and the family on the dock as well as the rest of the Baja Ha-Ha pics and stories that will come out this coming Weds and Fri.

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  1. I admit having so wanted to sail away to a future unknown, then having those plans dashed on the rocks of reality, it’s hard to read of your exploits without a sense of failure. I so wish you luck and I am with you in spirit every step of the way.

    1. JDR, I don’t think you’re plans were dashed on the rocks at all. I think there was a plan that changed but isn’t done. Boat or Jeep, you can sail away into the future unknown in both of them. Your photos are great and you’ve got a huge heart-

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