Do you really NEED that dock cart?

Quincy the Boat Great Dane is a four (4) year old Great Dane who lives on a sailboat in San Diego, Ca USA and shares her doggy wisdom every Sunday via her owner’s blog/website.  While her wisdom may not always make sense to you…it makes perfect sense to her.  Come follow her adventures by following this website/blog.  She and her crew leave in Oct of 2019 to go cruising on the big blue ocean, so adventures are sure to follow.  Here’s Quincy’s wisdom for today: 

Quincy’s Wisdom For Today:

“When there’s a Great Dane tied to a dock cart, it’s a pretty safe dock cart”

Even if the dock cart was radioactive,  Quincy would take this as her most important job; aside from sleeping and eating.

Each of the links below contains more wisdom and photos of Quincy the Boat Great Dane:

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