Ever seen a Great Dane wear a life jacket? Take a look-

Thanksgiving is over and more holidays are around the corner, but Quincy the Great Dane Boat Dog continues her Sunday Wisdom posts:

Quincy says “Wear your life jacket….I do”. 

We know some of the pics are blurry.  These are a combo of pics coming from an iPhone and my other camera’s, which we’re still working on.  The point that Ms. Quincy makes is simple….there’s a time and place to wear your life jacket.

Here’s some of her other Sunday Wisdom:




6 Responses

  1. When sailing offshore, my rule was: wear a life vest when you’re in the cockpit, wear a safety belt when you’re out of the cockpit on deck.
    Enjoy your Sunday,

    1. Good advice, rarely followed. We wear harness and lifejacket on night runs always and lifejackets when doing deck work in heavier winds. Kids always have them on-

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