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I’m republishing the Digital Hunter 460 Owners Manual I managed to get from Marlow-Hunter.   After I found this electronic copy and worked through publishing the link in 2016,  never in my imagination did I think we’d still be writing and publishing this tiny blog…with a second larger sailboat.  I’m also republishing this digital owners manual because I found the entire set of designer drawings for my 1977 Aleutian Ketch and convinced a friend to help me photograph and digitize the entire set of plans.  I just put them on my computer, edited them to make them more readable and will POST them as a photo essay early next week.  It’s my intent to collect as much information about the (11) different Aleutians that were built and have that info on this website- these digitized plans are a big start to that project.  We think we’ve found approx (6) of the Aleutians; and we’ve had actual email or blog contact with (3) of the owners or former owners of those boats.  Have you ever checked out Cruisers AA by Jackie Parry or any of her other books?  She and her husband owned an Aleutian for several years.  I digress.  The link to the plans is in the post, you have to access it digitally.

As I’ve said in my post in the Big Boat Section of Hunter Owners Group, this was hard to find.  I had found the Hunter 46.6 Owners Manual before, but had a lot of trouble finding this one.  Finally, I had reached out to Hunter several times, but this time the guy answering my email was Mr. Greg Emerson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Marlow-Hunter.  While it may not be totally complete and not up to 2016 print standards, I think Hunter may have actually taken the time to scan this in by hand and I really, really appreciate it.


This original post was written by Son of a Sailor in 2016 and is republished in Nov 2018.

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