Ever had shelves built for your sailboat? It's takes awhile-

Happy LATE Thanksgiving….we’ve visited, ate, celebrated, toasted.

Now I’m taking a deep breath.  Having a bit of social awkwardness actually helps me in the case of these dubious engagements and holidays, as I need to steal away every once in a while like this to do some quick posts and think through where we’re going next.  My parents came down three days before the Thanksgiving holiday to help install the custom shelves my dad had built for both the girls hanging locker and hotwife’s hanging locker.  They’re no longer hanging lockers.  Hanging things on a boat is great when you’re sitting in a slip in the US, but not as practical when you’re living on the boat and need to fold more clothes into a specific space.  Unlike a house where I could buy another dresser in a heartbeat and just add more stuff to it….on a boat….that’s all you have.  Hotwife is going through an adaptation period with the space issues, but we’re both finding out that we just don’t need everything we have.  But we want it…..not always needing it.  So more shelving space for both the girls and hotwife is nice, now we need to get it all put away and look at where else to start putting things.  During the week, I also took a hard look at the built-in washer/dryer combination we have on the boat.  It’s A/C.  We’re slowly working on getting rid of A/C specific systems (like we already took out the big Onan Generator) and I could put the space where the dubious washer/dryer sits to good use.  Not sure, this is a future project I’ll tackle after Christmas in the New Year.  This week, we also gave Tulum a present in the form of a new sewing machine.  First priority for me on the new machine is the new dinghy chaps, which we badly need.  I’ll work through that project on the blog as I go.

Stick with us…when I’m not posting on a regular basis I’m out sailing or working hard on the boat.

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