Rescuing Poe Dameron

Warning:  Toilet Picture ahead, if you’re disgusted by a toilet, don’t click the link! 

Well, our 1/2 inch action figure of Poe Dameron (Resistance hunk and fighter pilot) resurfaced in our toilet.  We rescued him, but then promptly make the decision to throw him away….since he smelled.  I was hoping this would fix the toilet noises and problems, but I think he helped stretch the joker valve inside the toilet and it might be messed up.  We’re keeping it till it totally breaks or I can’t stand the smells anymore, whichever comes first.  Here he is….getting rescued:

Here’s my original story of his loss:

This post was written, edited and everything else by Son of a Sailor.  I’m working on the Monday post already “Saving Wally’s Anchor”.


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