Back to Crossfit again after nearly a week off for pain and sickness.

Once again, I missed the Monday and Wednesday portions of my workout week at Crossfit due to pain in one of my elbows and the weekend bout of food poisoning or something.  I basically took it easy this week but went back to Crossfit again Friday.  It was all about the Chest and the bench press upon returning, making certain I would feel more soreness and pain.  I have accepted it as part of working out at Crossfit.  These workouts I’m doing in Crossfit are nothing like my former Triathlon training or 20+ years of working out on my own….cause there’s a coach and a room full of fitness studs keeping me accountable.  More than them, I feel a need to keep myself accountable and I am.  I don’t really care much about missing workouts except that I’m also missing the lessons in technique and the chance to pull inspiration from the very high level Crossfit athletes who attend the workouts without fail.  I’ll continue to grouse along in the class with the goal of building more finesse than pure brute strength, as that’s what it’s all about to me.

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