The 2018 Baja Ha-Ha leaves San Diego on October 29th to “rally” (not race) down Baja California.  Here’s my own Baja Ha-Ha intro (for those of you who have never heard of this unique sailing adventure) and my own informal survey  of the traits belonging to the Baja Ha-Ha Boats on my dock.  

Starting early in the morning on the 29th of this month, over 150 boats of all sizes and shapes will rally down the Pacific (west) side of Baja California (Mexico) in search of their own sailing dreams and warm weather.  Each of the boats will follow this map through San Diego Bay, prepping for the all important starting blast to start the rally.

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Once started, all boats will stop twice within a roughly 12 day sail down the coast until they reach Cabo San Lucas.  Here’s what that looks like:

Map Credit to Legacy Sailing at (2)

I’m jealous.  I’ve sailed down Baja, but that was before the Baja Ha-Ha was started and never on my own.  But, I am very, very proud that the folks who bought Tulum IV from us are going this year.  The boat has been renamed and prepped for cruising, so it’s ready to go.  They told me when they bought the boat that they were going to go…..and they’re doing it!

My Informal Survey of Southbound Baja Ha-Ha Boats
  • They’re not all sailboats.  On my dock alone, there are 6 sailboats but there is also 1 powerboat.
  • Of the different skippers I’ve met, at least  two of them have taken their current boats nearly half-way around the world already.
  • All the boats have at least couples on board and several will take on more crew.
  • 1 of the 7 boats has a family heading south and beyond.
  • 2 of the 7 boats have dogs on board, both of these boats have more than one dog on board.
  •  Anchors- a topic that LOTS of sailors like to argue about: 6 of the 7 boats on my dock have what folks call “newer generation” anchors.  1 boat has an Ultra Anchor, 1 boat has a Manson Supreme,  4 of the boats have Rocna’s and 1 boat has a new and fairly large Danforth style anchor .
  • Each and every boat has at least 200 feet of chain with some rope at the end.
  • Each and every boat carries at least two anchors.
  • Each boat here on our dock going on the Baja Ha-Ha is 37 feet or longer, with the largest topping out at 60 feet.

I had fun getting to know the folks here on my dock going on the Baja Ha-Ha and feeding off their energy, knowing we’re not going this year.  I’m glad I was able to watch their various forms of prep work, as Tulum V has lots of work still to be done.  I perpetually look ahead and look forward to seeing these folks next year as we roll into Baja.

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(2) From the “LegacySailing” website and found on Google, accessed on 16 & 17 Oct to build this post.

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