Still doing CrossFit, an hour per day for 3 days a week. What are you doing for yourself?

I think it’s getting easier to actually go to CrossFit, knowing the punishment that’s about to occur.  But I gotta be honest, I feel like a bit of a troll still because I haven’t worked up to the full weight or reps that most of the other guys are doing.  Worrying about it is kind of silly as I just joined, but it’s still a concern.  I’ve drank the coolaid though and I’m sticking with it.  An hour of my time for 3 days per week is something I can handle, as I’m giving myself rest days.  I’m still sore, but working into it.

What kind of things are YOU doing to make yourself better?

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  1. Hey Son of a Sailor!, Good posts and blog…:) keep up the good work. Bikram Hot Yoga is my go to workout….it is also a great workout, builds core, balance, strength and endurance, and is great for the back, decreases stress and improving sleep.

    1. Paul, thanks for the note of confidence, I appreciate it. I hope you’ll keep reading and commenting, we have a great group of folks on here and continue to build our community on this blog.

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